Welcome all to round 1 of our new GT4 series.

Below are the details for this rounds race, including the reverse grid positioning.  One final reminder - Make sure you have signed up and filled out the form located HERE

Please make sure you're familiar with this seasons regulations, detailed in THIS PAGE.

We'll attempt to try and automate the reverse grid for the second race, with the idea that we won't have to change/reset the server between races. We haven't tested this before, so results may be....interesting? We'll have a 'backup' server running just in case we need to do a quick server change. 

Server names:

AtomicSimRacing.net S3 1.0 - Oulton Park - Practice

Race1 (and hopefully 2): 
AtomicSimRacing.net S3 1.1 - Oulton Park - Race1

Race2 (backup):
AtomicSimRacing.net S3 1.2 - Oulton Park - Race2 Backup



Date: 30/05/2021
Track: Oulton Park 2019
Qualification Duration: 15 minutes
Race Duration: 45 Minute Feature Race, 25 Minute Reverse Grid (Championship Order) Sprint
Track Time: Practice 11am, Qualification: 11am, Races: 11am
Actual Time: Aiming for 8pm Quali, 8.15pm Race (AEST)
Pitstops: One mandatory pitstop for fuel in the feature race. No mandatory stops in the sprint race.
Ambient Temperature: 21 degrees
Track Temperature: 35 degrees
Rain: Clear.
Starting Format: Quali Position. Full warm up lap, manual start Double file.
Points: Full points. VLN-style Point scoring.



Oulton Park Circuit Map 2013.svg

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